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What's EspLORE?

 What's EspLORE?

EspLORE is a project focusing on the potential of novel forms of carbon with an application-oriented approach. The project is hosted at Politecnico di Milano (Milan, Italy), at the Department of Energy and is funded for 5 years  by the European Reseach Council - ERC under the Consolidator Grant scheme (Grant N°724610) and is  coordinated by the principal investigator Prof. Carlo  S.  Casari.


What are sp-Carbon wires?

Carbon films, graphite, diamond and Carbon Fiber Composites (CFC), play a leading role in many technology and engineering fields. In the last 30 years, fullerenes, nanotubes and graphene pushed further the opportunities of nanotechnology applications. Carbon-atom wires, based on sp-hybridization, are the ultimate 1D carbon nanostructures (1-atom diameter) with amazing properties. The design and control of wire structure open the way to build materials with tunable properties, which is at present a largely unexplored topic.

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About EspLORE

By means of a multdisciplinary approach, merging competencies in physics, nanotechnology materials science and engineering, EspLORE aims at addressing the potential of carbon-atom wires for developing novel functional coatings in an application-oriented approach. The activity includes fabrication, advanced characterization, thin film deposition, assessment of functional properties and performance test in devices.

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