The main aim of EspLORE is to transfer the appealing functional properties of carbon-atom wires from the theory and experiments at single-wire level to extended systems in the form of thin films and nanocomposites in view of exploring realistic implementation in the field of energy conversion devices (e.g. photovoltaics, water splitting, fuel cells). To this aim the main objectives are:

1) Fabrication of functional carbon-atom wires: towards hybrid sp-sp2 systems

The activity addresses the synthesis of isolated CAWs in solution. The main challenges are: the controlled production of stable samples of isolated carbon-atom wires in solution , the development of easy and high-yield production methods, the investigation of the formation mechanisms and the advanced characterization at the atomic scale.

2) Development of wire-based materials: thin films and nanocomposites

Solid materials based on or containing carbon-atom wires will be produced and characterized in the form of thin films and nanocomposites. The produced materials will be characterized by advanced techniques to investigate structure-property relationship.

3) Exploration of potential use of these materials in advanced applications

This activity is mainly based on the selection and development of wire-based materials (resulting from the project activities) to be implemented and tested for potential use in some advanced applications (i.e. in direct energy conversion devices). Functional properties such as electrical conduction and optical absorption are firstly investigated to select the most promising applications to be tested to assess the potential benefits.